The summer is here

The summer is here and I’ve tried very hard to relax and enjoy the time with my famlily. But if you’re like me then you’ll know what I mean when I write this: “Being filled with creativity that just want to come out and see the light.. and then have to relax and work hard not to pick up a pencil or launch Adobe on the computer, just to because you really have to be with the family.. Well, that’s a mindblowing creative timebomb waiting for a light feather to trigger it!”.


Well, I DO love my family and YES… we do have great time together. But I’m addicted to my creativity (and also to absorbing others creativity as well) and when I have some time (or just a couple of minutes) by myself, I have a hard time doing nothing. I rarely get bored but when I can’t spend a couple of hours every day being creative, well.. I tend to get grumpy.


So, this is part of the reason that I haven’t thrown out some great contents on my YouTube channel or updated my blog (until now), Facebook and Twitter as much as I’ve wanted to. Another part is that I have to work with other things too whenever the time allow me to. But I try to keep up with everything and to be honest it does seem (right now) to be much harder work than I’ve imagined. But I won’t give up or back down and I can’t wait to get back to the drawing board and just continue what I’ve started.


Anyway, I wish you all a great summer!

FINALLY!! is here!

At last…


I’m happy to announce that I finally got a more personal website for what I love to do.
I consider this as my playground as well as a place for you creative people out there to come and learn, share your ideas and provide me some feedback on what I’m offering to you.


It took me a long time creating this website as I had to learn how to set up and use WordPress, learning new codes and figure out new ways to go around obstackles, etc. I’ve spend hours watching tutorials on YouTube, reading guides presented on different forums, etc.


So for the last few months I haven’t been as creative as I wanted to be and it hurt. I’ve dedicated my life to drawing and being creative since I was a kid and there was a period of time – through my youth and way into my adult life – where I HAD to draw every single day. Although I’m passed that period I still feel the urge to draw or being creative as hell if it’s been too long without creativity. For me it’s like breathing.


Anyway, this website is all about creativity. My creativity.


And I really hope you’ll enjoy the ride and pass this on to others as well.
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Share and comment. Give me feedbacks on my artwork, animation and the stuff I share for FREE. And most important: EMBRACE your creativity!



Sadly it seems that Chrome have some difficulties showing my website the way I want it to but I’ll figure it out.
Oh, and I’m from Norway so my english might not be that great from time to time.